Buddy Read Anyone?

* Drawing found over at Cinderella In Rubber Shoes, I sadly couldn't find the artist! Edited by me *

One of my favorite things I like doing now that I'm a blogger, is to join or host read alongs. I really love the experience of reading alongside other bloggers, or just readers, and discussing what we think of the story as we go along. Mallory, Jennie and I had our first read along featuring Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass in the beginning of August and it was so much fun. It took us awhile to get used to the time differences. Mallory and I are in the states, while Jennie resides in the UK, but once we did, things went pretty smoothly from there. We enjoyed ourselves so much, well atleast I did lol, that we decided to host 3 more read alongs to finish out the series. So far I rallied up 4 other people to join our little adventure of discovering what happens within the world of the deadliest assassin. 

So while the other members play catch up, I thought, " Hey, I should do a buddy read with someone, featuring one of the new books I purchased." Now, I can't include all the books from my Stacking The Shelves post, (I bought physical copies of some) but here are the two titles you have to choose from.

There are no rules, but you must

  1. Own an e-reader (doesn't matter which one)
  2. Be in the States or Canada
  3. Ready to dive in September 8th. 
  4. Have some sort of Social Media (twitter preferred) or Messaging app where we can discuss the book of course!
Now don't try to kill me just yet, all my buddy reads won't be exclusive to only readers in the States & Canada, so don't worry! I just want to be able to discuss the book in what's the word? "Real Time." 

* Throne of Glass and all upcoming read alongs are international as well*

Comment down below if you are interested in joining this buddy read!


  1. Ooh can I read with you Tika :D Sounds like fun. Are you doing a particular book first??

    1. Of course! I'm so undecided on which one I want to read first! I'm leaning towards Ugly Love. What do you think?

  2. I've never heard of Random until now but I REALLY want to read it!

    1. & Me too, I was in a similar situation before (me trying to help someone else) so I'm really eager to start this so I can relate.