Baby Mer's Book Haul + Review !

So this is a first here at fANGIRLconfessions. I decided to allow my baby boy Tihamer (THAI-MER) to have his own posts on my blog dedicated to all the cute little books he reads. When I first discovered my son's interest in reading, I was super excited! I mean what book lover doesn't want their kids to be bookworms as well? So his dad, my mom, and I began to buy him books. He even has his own shelf on my billy bookcase that my mom purchased for me a couple of months ago. So now here we are, giving my baby some time to shine on his mommy's blog. 

I thought it would be a good idea to have him involved as much as possible, I mean it is his book haul. So I let him pick out which books, and however many he wanted to showcase. Tihamer ended up choosing 4 titles, two of which are his favorites. 

Let's Begin !

His Favorite Way To Read. 

How Do I Love You? by Marion Dane Bauer | Illustrations by Caroline Jayne Church

This book is just adorable! It's a board book, but the front and back covers are padded, which makes for a feel good design. 

Tihamer flipped to one of his favorite pages in the book. I love the specks of color that are sort of scattered all over the page, and the colors! He definitely gets excited when he sees the dinosaurs.

 "No Ma, Dino." He's always correcting me lol. 

In this stage of his development, Tihamer has started to form sentences. (woot woot!So when I read to him, especially books that have some sort of repetition, I find that he memorizes the words better than a normal flow of a story. When we're reading books that rhyme, I like to read it straight through first as it's intended, then go back and sing the sentences as if it were a song. Tihamer absolutely loves this! He starts to dance, and next thing you know, he's singing the words too! (He repeats everything anyway, and when I say everything, I mean Everything.

The story is about a little girl, that's expresses her feelings to the reader by answering the question, "How do I love you?" 

" I love you as the cat loves a sunny sill."

"And as the dancing snowflakes love the winter chill."

Going To Grandma's by Ronnie Randall | Illustrated by Sue King

What had Tihamer so excited about this book, was the fact he had an entire page full of stickers. As you can see in the image above he's already trying to peel one off lol. 

I actually like the illustrations in this book. Very reminiscent to alot of children books that I've read as a child.  The drawings actually reminded us of a tv show that I use to watch when I was younger, even as a teenager and adult lol. Tihamer watches this show as well, so when he seen the boy in the image above he said:


I had to remind him:

"That isn't Calliou Mer, Remember Calliou is baldheaded"

Sorry I had to burst his bubble lol.

This book is loaded with different activities for the reader to complete. Each page, has something for the kiddies to tackle. Tihamer's favorite activity was finding the stickers that were needed to finish the picture. 

Some of the activities were a little difficult for him to do, mainly because this book isn't in his age range, but with just a little help from me, he was able to complete most of them on his own. 

The story follows Sam as he prepares to spend a few days at his grandma's house for the very first time. We go through his day as he assists his mommy with packing his clothes and toys, and finally the time he spends with his grandma. The story definitely reminded me of Tihamer's relationship with my mother. As a parent I enjoyed the fact that the book includes activities that develops "hand-eye coordination," "number skills," and "interactive play."

If I Only Had A Green Nose by Max Lucado | Illustrations by Sergio Martinez

This book is geared towards children ages 4+, when to me it felt more fitting for children 7+. I still like to buy Mer books outside his age group, to use for bedtime stories. 

To my surprise, Tihamer actually enjoyed the illustrations! He's so used to colors that Pop, and with the drawings being more subtle, I thought they weren't going to grab his attention. I was definitely wrong. He spent about 10 mins, flipping through the pages, pointing out things he recognized.

" A Nose. A Boy. Look Ma A Girl. Ma Look A Feet!"

As I stated before this book falls under the 4+ age group, so it has a bit of a storyline. It follows Punchinello a wooden puppet. The Wemmicks (other wooden puppets) in the town, were following a new trend by getting their noses painted a certain color. Whatever color was "in" at the time, was what they were painting on their noses. Punchinello wanted to fit in so he went to get his nose painted, along with two of his bestfriends. They then noticed that fitting in wasn't so great at all.  It seemed as if everyday, the color that was "in" was changing. First green, then red, then blue, then pink, then . . .  it was all just too much for them. The author delivered an amazing message within the story. As a parent who intends on teaching my child the importance of loving yourself for who you are, I can appreciate the author's idea to spread the message.

Underpants Thunderpants by Peter Bently | Illustrated by Deborah Melmon

This is one of Tihamer's Favorite books.

" Ew Ma, Poop !"

We absolutely love these illustrations! They're so Vibrant and Colorful, they definitely grabbed his attention. 

Ew, Ma Look, Look A Butt !" 

The words also rhymed in this book which had Tihamer jumping and twirling with joy as we sung the words like crazy people.

This story is actually pretty crazy lol. It's about a dog who hangs his underwear, well "Underpants" on a line to dry outside, and a bad thunderstorm ends up causing them to fly away! We continue to follow the underpants as they scatter, and land in the most unusual places.

This blog post is definitely going down as one of my favorites. I had so much fun snapping pictures of Tihamer while he flipped through his books, even though he ended up telling me to "shoo." I felt like such a proud mama, I just wanted to capture every moment. Sue me you little monster!


  1. "Ew, ma, poop!" OMG Baby Mer is just too cute! I love how you described every single book and taking photos of him as well, even if he told you to "shoo". Still cracking up about it lmao!

    1. That's like his favorite page, he's always yelling about the poop lmao. I'm glad you liked it, that's what took me sooo long. Remember how I was saying "why is it taking me so long to review these books when they're only like 8 pages with 30 words?" lol. Tihamer can be so rude for him to be so young. Still mommy's little monster.

  2. Ahhhh! This post is so cute! I love that you're encouraging a love of reading in him. I bet he's going to grow up to be a superb book lover. And his commentary is so hilarious, lol! :)

    1. Thank you! I'm sooo happy he likes to read. Now I have someone to join me on trips to bookstores and such! Girl he always has something to say lol. I'm definitely going to have more posts for him.

  3. AWW! this is such a great idea Tika! Love that you are encouraging your son to read. No one in my family were readers when I was growing up so its really cool to see families that love to read. Luckly my sister is coming into reading recently( I might of pushed her to it :p) I've been trying to get my 10 year old sister involved with my blog since before it started we also have a 1 year old sister who we hope loves to read in the future too!

  4. Girl I was crossing my fingers hoping my son came out a reader, and thank goodness he did! He shows such a big interest into it, I definitely wanted to keep encouraging him. I feel so proud when he goes to his bookshelf to read instead of going straight for the tv or toys. It's funny because my mom, my brother and I, are big readers, so maybe it's genetic lol. That's great! Get them reading! That'll be cool for your 10 year old sister to start blogging. Imagine the opportunities she'll be paving for herself as she get's older. I def wish I listened to my mom and started blogging when she was pushing me to do it. Better late than never I guess lol. Thanks Arya!