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 Cleo is funny, quirky, and arkward. Adrian is sexy, smooth, and confident. Want to know my thoughts on this adorable duo? Read more to find out!

Adrian Lessons | L.A Rose 
Pages: 172 (Nook Pages)
  Genre(s): New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Humor & Comedy 
Published: August. 25, 2014 (Self)
Format: Ebook 
Source: Author 

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If there’s one thing Cleo Reynolds knows, it’s that she’s not into Adrian King. The son of a model with the looks to prove it, the experienced author of her school newspaper’s sex advice column, the cocky playboy with a hint of darkness. That Adrian King.

Nope. Nuh-uh. No way. 

The problem is, he’s very into her.

After accidentally flashing him, and slightly-less-accidentally-but-still-totally-unintentionally making out with him in front of the whole class, she expects to be called crazy. Instead, he asks her out. 

Cleo’s determined not to end up as another notch on his bedpost. Except she hasn’t done…you know…it in a while. (Read: ever.) And as a girl who pays her tuition by writing all the sex scenes in her roommate’s bestselling romance series, the lack of inspiration has served up a fat slice of writer’s block.

Until her roommate proposes that Cleo and Adrian act out all the steamy scenes in her book.

It’s just research. No feelings involved.

Nope. Nuh-uh.

No way.

When I finished Adrian Lessons last night, I knew exactly what I was going to type. I had all my thoughts together, and as soon as I fired up my laptop to begin, BAM, all of my thoughts scattered like scared mice. So after 10 minutes of brainstorming how I was going to describe this story, I came up with one word . . .

Saying this book was good just isn't enough. It was fun, entertaining, and beyond Hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard while reading a book in ages. 

Warning, Do NOT Drink Any Beverages While Reading This Book. Choking And Coughing May Occur.

Adrian Lessons is centered around our two main characters Cleo and of course, Adrian. Let's get to know Cleo first. 

Cleo is the roommate that you cross your fingers and hope to god that you end up with in college. She's so freaking funny, that any conversation with her would be an experience in itself. Her dialogue is that good. What makes this book so interesting is that Cleo is actually a writer. Well, sort of. Her best friend and roommate Marie, has a three-book romance deal with HarperCollins. (cool right?) But since Marie can't bring herself to write "smut" as they call it, she get's her experienced friend, or so we thought, to write all the "steamy" scenes. So they make a deal. Cleo is to write all the sex scenes for Marie, and use the advance money to pay for her upcoming semester. While Marie meets the deadlines and doesn't get dropped from her deal with HC. It's a win, win situation for everyone . . . until Cleo suddenly runs into writers block. The worst situation for an author under a deadline. Afraid that Cleo won't be able to continue, Marie suggests that she has a one night stand with a random guy just to get some inspiration to write. She feels her friend has been a little "high & dry" lately, and may need some loving to get those creative juices flowing, if you know what I mean. *Wink, Wink*

"It's friday night, I'm a little drunk, and I took Marie's advice and hooked up with a rando ..." 

Okay okay, so she didn't exactly hook up with the guy. Next option Marie!
Still concerned that Cleo will continue to slack on her story, Marie seeks advice from the "Sex King", an anonymous guy who writes for a sex column in the school's newspaper. You email him your questions, anonymously of course, and he answers them.

" Dear Sex King,

I write erotic fiction for a living, but recently I've been unable to come up with anything. Writer's block. I think it has something to do with the fact that I got out of a long relationship recently, and haven't had sex since. I'd love to rediscover my sexual side and hopefully stimulate my muse in the process. Any ideas for how I should go about doing this?

High and Dry "

" Dear High and Dry,

It sounds like you need a serious wake up call. So you dates some loser for three years and now you're free? Don't talk about this like it's some difficult thing for you- when you're forty and miserably married to some other loser, these will be the days that you look back in when you please yourself at night (because your husband definitely won't). Take advantage of this, full throttle. My advice? Fuck the nearest thing with legs. You need a good time.

Best of luck. "

Cleo was a little bothered by the fact that Marie went to such an extreme to get her back on track, but nothing prepared her for when she found out exactly who the Sex King was. Now on to our second character.

Adrian is one of those really cute popular boys that you think is self-centered, shallow, and just an all around ass. But surprisingly he was much different. 

" There's something about growing up that means understanding cliche's. Life isn't fair, etc- lines you hear all the time as a kid but never get, until that one moment when you understand why they're embedded in the lexicon of humanity. So I hope you can forgive me if I tell you that she takes me breath away."

Adrian, Oh Adrian. 
Insert Heart Eyes Emoji Here. 

He has a bit of a dark past, which weirdly involves Cleo, (unbeknownst to her though) and that kind of plays a huge part in his storyline. The lack of commitment, the refusal to settle down, both issues effect his life in negative ways until he meets Cleo again. That's right I said AGAIN. It turns out that Adrian had a big crush on Cleo back when they were in high school. She never knew Adrian, but he vowed that if he ever seen her again, he wouldn't let her go. Let's just say he stays true to his word. But things really start to unravel once the story begins to shift into high gear. 

What I loved the most about this book besides the humor, was Adrian and Cleo's "friendship". They had so much fun together, a little too much damn fun if you ask me lol, but it was such a great experience to see Adrian bring Cleo out of her comfort zone. He introduced her to things that were far from what she was used to, and seeing her character develop over time into someone that was sexy, confident, and self-assured was definitely a pleasure. Anyone that has read Adrian Lessons, will agree with me when I say another favorite was the re-enactment of the scenes between "Amelia and Johnathon." What makes Ms.Rose such a brilliant author, is her ability to pull you into the story. We get the chance to actually read some of the "steamy" scenes in Marie's book, demonstrated by Cleo and Adrian. 
(Just think of an actor and actress rehearsing their lines for a movie if you're confused.)

" He touches me like a violin master touches his favorite instrument . . . 
Keep talking, I order her. Tell me about this."

That was just a taste of what the re-enactment scenes have to offer. Actually the sex scenes in this book get so intense, I thought my eyes were forever going to be bulged out of my head. Now I'm a 25 year old mother, so I know all about the bird dipping into the bee's honey, but CHILE, I was not ready for this!

"His tongue moves around the edge of my slit as his fingers pump into me, fast and then slow. He licks the grooves around my . . . "
Is it hot in here, or is it just me? 

As I state in all of my reviews, I like to keep a good balance between what I liked about the book, and what I disliked. Sort of like a Venn Diagram. Without the middle section of course. 
Anywho, one of the main things I didn't like about Adrian Lessons, was that the supporting characters were a bit underdeveloped. They felt like extras in a movie you'd never notice, and I was quite disappointed that I didn't learn more about them. In the story, Cleo actually has a class with Adrian, Psych Lab. There she meets a group of girls who are also in her Psychology Club. Tanisha, Elise, and June-Ann, reminded me of my friends and I when we're chilling, talking about boys. Their dialogue was so entertaining, that I actually called one of my female friends and said, "Omg doesn't this sound like us?" I really enjoyed these three girls and their crazy personalities, I just wish they made more of an appearance in the story. Secondly, I was hoping we would touch basis on Adrian's dark past. I don't want to spoil anyone, so I won't go into actual detail, but I was hoping to find out what exactly led to that night. I guess I was looking to read more narrative on the moments leading up to his decision, after, and maybe even the moment where he thought to seek after Cleo again. I sound so nosey lol. My last dislike would have to be that the story was really predictable, atleast for me. I found myself already knowing what was going to happen within the chapters, and that kind of ruined some moments for me. But thank goodness none of these small flaws took away from my reading experience. 

I wish I could sit here and chit chat all about this book, but you know Tika only gives SPOILER FREE reviews. So if you're looking for a quick, hilarious, scorching hot story, that will have you cranking up your AC because it's so steamy, then pick up this book! You will not be disappointed. 

About This Author 

L.A Rose recently made it out of college alive and with an English degree. She's a habitual beach bum and a not-exactly-recovered romance addict. She's also plucked up the courage to become an indie author! ADRIAN LESSONS, a New Adult contemporary romance to be released on August 25th, is her first book - if you don't count the ones she wrote before she finally came up with something publishable. (She prefers not to.)

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  1. Your review is just so on point and totally hilarious! We almost got the same thoughts towards the story, and I love how you talked about the underdevelopment of the secondary characters. Love the quotes too, you've chosen the best quotes in the book! :D

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you Blessie! I can't wait to see what you had to say, since we were cracking up for 2 days straight in our twitter DM's about it lol. Yes the psychology club girls were so funny, Tanisha reminded me so much of myself. I laughed at June-Ann so much because her name was so funny to me for some reason. I def wish we got to read more about them though. Girl, I had like 20 quotes highlighted on my Nook. I had to pick and choose which ones I was going to use, which took like 30 mins. Then you know I skimmed through the whole book looking for that Adrian quote when I already had it highlighted -_- lol

      I'm so excited to see your review because I know it's going to be good!

  2. I can't wait to try this out! I love a good book that makes you laugh, and I have to read more of those. The warning you put in this review is funny enough on it's own. Loving that touch <3

    1. Thank you! I definitely thought to warn someone since I wasn't lol. Alot of times there are books that I don't think I'm going to enjoy, but end up loving anyway. This was one of them!