Confession Time (2) | Hidden Gems (2)

Hey blogger buddies! I'm back again with another Confession Time post featuring a second set of hidden gems. This time around I have 5 titles, 5 really good titles, that I think will appeal to all of you're different tastes. (no fantasy, I come pretty close though lol) So stay tuned to check out the new list!

These first two books are ones that I've read back in 2012, right after I received my Nook for Christmas. I was up late browsing through the market for free books, and ended up stumbling across both. Not thinking I would like them but still wanting something to read, I decided to give them a try. Since they're in this list, I'm sure you've figured out that I actually enjoyed them. If you are fan of twilight, who am I kidding, even if you're not a fan of twilight, you will love these. Trust me on this one. I'm also going to try my best to describe them to you in my own words. It's been about 2 1/2 years since I've read them, and well, my mind gets a bit foggy after that amount of time. Bare with me people lol. 

The Blood The Bonds By Christopher Buecheler

Imagine if Bella was a prostitute addicted to Heroin, and Edward . . . well don't imagine Edward as anything else because I liked him lol.
Whenever I see a book about vampires or werewolves, out of habit I always compare them to Twilight. It's a bad habit I know, but since I don't read too many of these books, and Twilight is the most popular, that's what I tend to go with. I actually enjoyed this alot more. Now to be clear, I haven't read the rest of the series. Too be honest, I thought this was a stand alone novel until I went to retrieve the picture from goodreads, so I'm just comparing the first two books of both series. 

This story follows Two, (Yes her name is the number two) a girl, like I said before, is addicted to Heroin. She lives in a home with a couple other girls who are forced to sell there bodies for money, shelter, food, drugs, etc. Thereon is a wealthy vampire who resides in a secluded mansion on the outskirts of the city. He is intrigued by Two, and decides to "turn her" in hopes of rescuing her from a life of turmoil. This is where all hell breaks loose. 

* I didn't notice until today that this book has so many mixed reviews on goodreads. One of them says:
" Didn't finish. Too dark and too boring." 
Don't let that sway you guys, she probably can't accept the fact that all vampires don't sparkle in the sun. lol 

The Keeping by Nicky Charles

I know this cover is ew, (what in the world is that red thing by the picture of the paw print? lol) but the story was surprisingly pretty good.

* Again I didn't know this book was apart of a series either. Apparently I read completely out of order, and ended up reading the 4th book of the series. I was still able to follow the story without being like "what?" or "who?" so I guess that's a good thing. *

Okay you guys are going to kill me, because as soon as I started typing I realized that I don't remember much about this book lmao. It's been 2 years don't judge me! I do know that the story alternates between two characters. Melody Greene, a journalism student, who under contract, moves to a new town in hopes of landing an interview with a local photographer. Then there's Ryne Taylor. The cute, hard-working, girl magnet, hot tempered, picture taking, werewolf. That's one hell of a combination huh? lol. 

They begin to see each other around town and eventually become friends. Then things happen. Very strange things happen. So pick it up to find out what these things are, because obviously I don't remember. Well, I do but . . . whatever, I did a pretty good job at winging it though huh? lol

Everyday by David Levithan

This was one of my favoriteee books last year.

Can you imagine waking up everyday in a new body? One day you can be a homeless girl, the next a wealthy boy living in a mansion? Seems like it would be cool and depressing all at the same time. 

In everyday we follow a person named A, as they transition everyday into a new body, a new home, a new experience. We start the story off in the body of Justin, the boyfriend of Rhiannon, our second character. Things get interesting as he/she interacts with her for an entire day. Taking her to the beach, making her laugh, showing her the attention she's been wanting from Justin. Too bad it wasn't actually him. From that day forth, A uses the people he controls to get closer to Rhiannon. 

What I liked the most about this story is the different people we came to know while A controlled them. For 24 hours, we were allowed to peak into their lives, meddle with it a little bit, even get them to do things they normally wouldn't. There were times where I was laughing at some of the situations he put some of these strangers through to get to see Rhiannon another day. What's different about this story from anything I've read, is that you have no clue what gender A actually is. He/she doesn't have an identity, and I spent half of my time trying to figure out if it was revealed and I just missed it. The message given in this story is one to appreciate as well. I've read other David Levithan books, (Will Grayson, Will Grayson with John Green and Dash & Lily's Book Of Dares with Rachel Cohn) and this is by far is my favorite. 

When the hell does the second book come out David ?!

If you're looking for a disturbing but hilarious read, this is definitely for you.

Crash and Burn by Micheal Hassan

"Dave BURNett, Dave BURNett, have you burned the school down yet?"

Even as I'm writing this, I have no idea where to begin with this book. Every single chapter, alternating between the past and present, had some sort of twist that literally left you saying " Oh Shit." It took me an entire week to read this book because I was trying so hard not to finish too quickly lol. 

Crash and Burn are about two boys. Steven Crashinsky and David Burnett, two childhood . . . friends I guess we can say, that shared a love hate relationship. On April.21,2008, Burn decides to take his classmates and teachers hostage by gun point, after lacing the school with explosives. (My heart was racing while reading these scenes.) We follow Crash's POV, as he writes a book about the events that lead up to the situation that makes him a hero. We have the ability to read about the before, when they are just children in elementary school, to their high school years and the craziness that follows.

I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading a book. It was especially fun for me to read because it was set in a time that I grew up in. (I graduated high school in 2007) All of the games, music, and movies that were referenced, I played, listened to, and even went to the movies with my friends to see. It was like I was re-living my childhood memories all over again, which I definitely appreciated. Even though it had it's moments where I couldn't stop giggling, there were chapters where I found myself actually crying. 

Crash and Burn was such a rollercoaster of a read. One chapter you're laughing, the next you're crying, then next thing you know, you're so taken aback by the twists that you're in shock and speechless. I definitely felt a little bipolar while reading this. 

More Than This by Patrick Ness

A book that will break your heart and piece it back together for you all in the same breath.

Patrick Ness is just gifted, which is why he's my all time favorite author. He knows how to write a story where no matter how many times you read it, you can come out with a different opinion than the first. I've seen reviews where a person would think the message meant one thing, only to re-read it and come out with something totally different. Not everyone is capable of that. The writing in this book is perfection. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

 * Most people who dislike his writing style, just so happen to like Tahereh Mafi's, which to me got a bit repetitive after Shatter Me. To each it's own I guess. *

The title More Than This was very fitting because it actually did have more than just a story to tell. We witness a boy named Seth, venture through an unknown world, as he tries to piece together what happened to him and where he is. Soon he meets two other characters that teach him that life is always more than what you make it. That you have to appreciate it, even in your toughest moments, because there is always someone who is in a less fortunate situation than yourself. This book haunted me for literally weeks after reading it, so grab some tissues guys, you're going to need them.

So there you have it readers, my second set of hidden gems. I hope you guys find atleast one book to add onto your never-ending TBR's. 

Want to participate and showcase your favorite hidden gems? Comment down below or link me to your blog post! Or better yet create your own topic to share with the book community. Don't be shy guys, this meme is created for you!


  1. Ohmygoodness, I was scrolling through this in the dark and got shocked by the first book cover and was all "mother mary omg" lol but it seems like an interesting book.

    I've had Everyday on my TBR list for so long now, I haven't had the time to read it. And I'm suddenly excited now. I'm intrigued by More Than This. The cover art is just pretty.

    Oh, btw, you have got to do a Top Ten Tuesday! The topic's real fun! It's "Top Ten Characters Who Would Have Sat with at Lunch in High School".

    I've got my list right here >> TTT

  2. Lmao that's what I thought about the cover as well. As soon as I seen it, I downloaded it because I knew it'll be good. Girl you better read Everyday! It's just so different, It was such a breath of fresh air to me. As far as More Than This goes, I will forever praise Patrick Ness and his work, so pick it up! I'm heading over now to view your list. :)

  3. Your blog is SO CUTE huhu :"< You should blog more often because I'm willing to visit you back x I'm really looking forward to your future posts!!

    I heard so much good things about Everyday, and I read an excerpt from Amazon and so far, it's a really good and interesting book! I'm hoping to buy it soon, if I can :) Lovely list! And love your blog design too!

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. Thank you so much, that really means alot to me! I'm still trying to get into the swing of things as far as blogging goes, but you're definitely going to see more content from me soon :) I hope you pick it up because it was such a nice story. Completely different from concepts we normally come across in YA!

  4. Brilliant post, will definitely need to check out a few of these myself. I have read Every Day, but I had a lot of issues with that book. I have More Than This, but haven't got to it yet - I definitely plan to.

    1. Yes please do! It's definitely a heart wrenching story, so be prepared to shed a few tears lol

  5. More than This was incredible wasn't it. It looks like a really long and daunting read, but once I started I just flew through it. It's funny, I actually love Tahereh Mafi's writing style as well, but I've only read one Patrick Ness book so far, so I probably don't count :D Crash and Burn sounds like it's my cup of tea, definitely going to check that one out. Thanks for sharing Martika <3

    1. The writing didn't bother me at all when I read Shatter Me, it wasn't until I started to read Unravel Me that it got a bit repetitive. I think Juliette and Adam's relationship bothered me more than anything. I thought More Than This was going to be daunting as well, mostly because the very beginning was kinda slow, but once things started going down, I could NOT stop reading. (I was so scared they were going to get caught by the creeper man lol) Crash and Burn is highly recommended! I loved Crash's POV, he reminded me of alot of my male friends I went to school with. Let me know if you ever pick it up!