Readers Choice: Never Would I Ever - May & June BOTM

If you're an old follower of mine, then you know what Readers Choice is alllll about. But if you're new, I'll give a brief introduction.

Readers Choice is a feature solely done here at fANGIRLconfessions. Every month, I allow my readers to choose my " BOTM " (Book Of The Month) by taking a fun interactive poll. The last week at the end of every month, I post the poll, and a week later, I then announce the winner. But everyone knows how creative I can get, and how I'm always adding a twist to my ideas, so I decided to do things a bit differently for the month of May & June. First of all, I came up with the idea to have " themes ". Each month will be something different, to keep things cute and fresh!

This Month's Theme Is:

Never Would I Ever.

It's pretty self-explanatory. In this poll, are 6 books that I WOULD NEVER READ. They're either by authors I'm not particularly fond of, or they're from genres that I absolutely despise. Either way, which ever title I end up having to read, is probably going to send me into cardiac arrest. To torture myself even more, I've decided to allow you guys to choose 2 different titles to be showcased as my BOTM. Since I have a ton of reading to do this month, I doubled up, so whichever books are chosen, I'll have to read one in June and the other in July. 

Lord Help Me. 

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