Andddd That's Ah Wrap! -- March Edition

I know, I know, I'm late, I'm late. But better late than never right?

For the first time in FOREVER, Tika is ahead of schedule! I went back to a routine I used when I first started blogging, and thank goodness, it's been working out amazingly. Well, besides this post being late by 4 days, but who made a deadline for monthly wrap-ups anyway?! You guys know I bend the rules lol.

Let's get started!

7 books read + 3 I loved x 2 I surprisingly enjoyed - 2 I completely DISLIKED = Pretty decent reading month.

Favorite Book Of The Month


Confession: It took me 4 hours to review ADSOM. This book was so brilliant, & after finishing I was left utterly speechless, to the point I had such a hard time putting this magical story into words. I stand by only a few books, but I will continue to yell to the heavens above until I'm heard . . . PICK UP THIS BOOK! Seriously, if I've recommended any other novel to you, scratch that, drop it, whatever you have to do. ADSOM is a must read! I just posted my thoughts, so tune in and witness me rave about the best fantasy novel I've read thus far this year!

The Runner Ups


This book guys . . . beyond incredible. Such a dark story full of passion and writing so beautiful . . . gah if you missed my review check it out here.


Being the big fan of New Adult that I am, I can definitely appreciate when a novel from this genre is done very well. I could've done without the main character's annoying-ness, but our male lead, Jessup makes up for all of that. Missed my review? Click Me!

The Package Of Surprises


What I thought was going to be a pretty normal story about a teenage boy, ended up being a completely dysfunctional read, that I surprisingly enjoyed. You know the drill, click to read my review. 


Even though the story dragged during most of the book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I mean come on it's set in Scotland, throw in a little mystery and you have yourself a solid novel! Jennie from Books & Tea and I teamed up for fANGIRLconfessions very own " Inter-Review. " Just in case you missed it, check it out here.

The WTF Did I Just Read  


If you read my review, rant then it's no surprise to you that I DID NOT LIKE THIS BOOK! The characters were pretty much unbearable, well all except for one. The writing was amateurish, and the plot and twists were . . . not even worth talking about anymore.

Elle | Emma Mars

Rating: DNF

I'm not the biggest fan of Erotica, but as a blogger I feel I should dabble in all genres, especially those that usually make me cringe. I knew things were going to go down hill for me when I learned this would be a Dominant/Submissive relationship, which I have a serious problem with. I absolutely hate those types of relationships, add in some weird BDSM, and you've just cooked up a recipe of disaster for me.

  I had taken care only to clean it with water these past few days, that way my natural odor prevailed
' I love smelling you . . . I could stay like this for days.
' He confided for the first time.
So I wasn't alone in fetishizing the scent of our private parts. This discovery filled me with a new confidence, no longer would I fear him catching an odorous whiff.

Nothing was cute about that statement boo

So that's my wrap up! I had a good reading month despite the two books that ended up being total flops.

What are some books you guys read for the month of March?

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