Feature & Follow Friday (2)

Welcome to Feature and Follow Friday, a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful bloggers, Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. The goal of this blog hop is to gain followers, discover new blogs, and make new friends! 
Let's begin!

This week's question is:

Your house is burning down & you have time to select three books you own to take with you. What will the three books be?

I've actually been in this situation before. When I was 6 our apartment complex had caught on fire (the lady upstairs was boiling hotdogs and forgot about them) and it burned our poor building down. Instead of grabbing books, I went back for my kitten " pudgy" instead, all to have my mom tell me that we couldn't keep him because our next apartment complex didn't allow pets! WTF people! Anywho, the 3 books I've chosen are:

Cry me a river. Two books that completely broke me

In my opinion, both of these books are strong examples of what I like to read in Young Adult Contemporaries. Beautifully written stories that leave you crying into a wad of tissues, well executed characters that you deeply care about, and happy & not-so-happy endings. I HIGHLY recommend these books. 

okay I cheated with my 3rd choice because I included more than 1 book . . . 

Nostalgic Collection

These girls right here were my CHILDHOOD! When I was in the 3rd grade I was selected along with a few other girls, to join the American Girls Club in our school. Everyday during our Language Arts classes, we would leave for an hour to then meet up in the school library. We did activities, participated in plays, read ALL of the American Girl books, received the featured American Girl Doll every month, and so much more. After just a few months I was then elected by my group to become the president of the AGC for our school. I was able to go to book conventions, and signings, and received the AGC magazine every month where I picked out whatever doll, accessories and books I wanted . . . for free!

These books were such a big part of my life that there's noway I could be without them. I learned so much from these girls, their time periods, and how they're lives differed so much from my own, and even do I don't have my full collection as I did one I was younger, I definitely plan to order the one's I'm missing from amazon especially since they're only 1 cent! If you have a daughter, younger siblings, cousins, or just want them for yourself, I definitely recommend these cute books!

So that concludes my post for Feature & Follow Friday! What three books you would save from a fire?

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