I Mustache You A Question Tag !

So. I'm sick. Well getting sick, but that's the same thing right? Ontop of that, I was tagged in this a while back, and just when I get some time to sit my butt down and knock it out, I forget who tagged me in the first place. I remember some of her name, I know it starts with a V, but I can't for the life of me find her anywhere! I went through all my twitter followers, and most of my tweets, and nothing. So, if you're reading this and you are the wonderful person that tagged me, special thanks to you!

Now, on to the good stuff. I was really excited to do this tag because it asks questions that are not entirely bookish. Alot of these tags I've done numerous of times, and the questions tend to be repetitive. But here we are with a tag that'll give you a little glimpse of who I am as a person. Let's begin!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

1. Tika.  I actually introduce myself as Tika. People tend to mispronounce my first name, and this has been my nickname literally since I was born, so win-win situation for everyone!

2. Tik.  Since high school people have been calling me Tik. (think of tiki) Who makes a nickname out of a nickname?

3. Tinkabell. I attack those who call me this, like DO I LOOK LIKE A FAIRY TO YOU. I don't even like fairies, but yet I have one tattooed on my forearm. Shut up I was young okay

4. Tika-Chu. Other than Tikey-Weky, (the name my mom calls me when she wants something, and she knows I'm not going to want to do it.) Tika-Chu is probably one of the most embarrassing nicknames I have. I beat up a guy name Willie with a wooden ruler for calling me this in middle school, and even though people were excited that I kicked his ass (he was a bully) the nickname still stuck with me. * sigh *

Four jobs I've had: (not counting current jobs)

1. Outside Lawn & Garden CSA/Fork Lift Driver. This job was my all time favorite. I worked with some amazing people, and even though I got super black being outside, and messed up plenty of perms, it was so worth it! I met my bestfriend (hey evantee girl) and my boyfriend here, so it was def a great experience. Oh and come on, I was sooo bad ass driving the forklift!

2. Overnight Caretaker. My mother is an elderly home care provider, and the patient she took care of had just lost his wife. I was asked to watch after him at night, being that he was leaving the house, paying cab drivers hundreds of dollars to find his wife. I accepted, a bit apprensive because you def need patience working with the elderly, but it was cool . . . until he tried to attack me one day lol. 

3. Administrative Assistant. I loved this job! I'm all for clerical work! I remember when I was young, I said one of my dream jobs was to be someone's secretary, working in a huge building with floor to ceiling windows. My brother looked at me like I was dumb. Haterrrr !

4. Jcpenny's. I included this job because I HATED IT! The worst job EVER! They pressured you to sell those stupid store credit cards, (during the recession might I add) and they worked me like a slave! The only perks to this job was that it was in the mall, so I got to bs with my friends and eat at the food court on my lunch break. 

Four movies you've watched more than once:

1. The Baby Sitters Club

2. The Fourth Kind (Trippy ass movie yall)

3. Boys don't cry

4. Spice World (I know this movie WORD FROM WORD)

Four books I'd recommend:

1. Forbidden (DUH)

4. The Bible (Some of yall need Jesus lol) 

Four places I lived:

1. Washington, DC

2. Maryland

3. Back to Washington, D.C

4. Back to Maryland 

Four places I have been:

1. New York

2. North Carolina

3. New Jersey

4. Virginia (which doesn't really count because if you're from DC, MD, or VA you'd know how close we are lol. Hence why it's called the DMV)

Four places I wouldn't mind being right now:

1. New Orleans

2. Paris

3. Tokyo

4. Hawaii

Four things I don't eat:

Ha! I love food, so this is going to be hard to think of lol.

1. Brussel Sprouts.

2. Shrimp. I used to to love it, but we ate it soooo much to the point I can't stand the taste, or smell for that matter.

3. Coconut. This shit is trifling OMFG. 

4. Salami. Don't let me see this on a sandwich, I would SCREAM!

Four of my favorite foods:

1. Sushi. The love of my life.

2. My mama's homemade apple pie and strawberry cheesecake . . . and her fried chicken . . .  and her . . . everything really lol. 

3. Anything with cheese man. LOTS of cheese.

4. Waffle Crisp. ( I can eat this cereal all day. They actually don't sell it in my state anymore, so I get my ex from New York to order it for me lmao)

Four TV shows that I watch:

1. Reign. I just started watching this yesterday night, and OMG I LOVE IT! Francis is so fine yall!

2. How To Get Away With Murder.

3. Anything on HGTV. Especially Property Brothers & House Hunters. Oh & Divine Design in the mornings.

4. Housewives of Atlanta. What would this list be without something ratchet? lol. 

Four things I'm looking forward to this year:

1. My mom's 51st (21st lol), my son's 3rd, and my 26th birthday. June 7, July 18th, and August 17th. 

2. The Release of the sequel to Zodiac.

3. Thanksgiving. I'm greedy, so I think about this Holiday way before it even arrives lol.

4. Uhhh, I guess I'm just looking forward to just living a great life & having a good year . . . ya know?

Four things I'm always saying:



3. Girl Whet? 

4. Boy Bye. 

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So that's it for this tag guys! I'm feeling lazy, and because of this I didn't tag anyone, (it's such a long process lol) but if you want to answer these questions, then go right ahead! Make sure you let me know so I can check out your answers!

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