Readers Choice : BOTM | March Edition

You guys know I love you right? Of course you do! I've even given all my loyal readers a nickname, " The Confessionites " (that shit sound cool huh ? hehehehe) Anywho, because of the fact that I love you guys, I've decided to include you all in a new feature here at fANGIRLconfessions, and it is called . . . 

* cue drum roll *

Readersssss Choice !! I mean, it's pretty self-explanatory. Each month under the post Readers Choice, I will include a poll for you all to participate in. Within that poll will be 6 books, and out of those 6 books, you'll choose one to be my book of the month. Sounds easy & fun right? Well that's because it is, and you wanna know why it is? Because I thought of it lmao. 

Whichever book has the most votes, will then become my book of the month! So, let's stop with all the yapping, and get to it!

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I think this poll thingy is just the cutest thing ever lol.
Thanks for voting guys, I'm so excited to see what book you all have chosen for me to read. Make sure you're following me via twitter @astoldbyfANGIRL so that you won't miss my announcement of the lucky winner!

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