Wicked by Clover Donovan | ARC Mini-Review

Wicked | Clover Donovan (The Drake Chronicles #1)
Pages: 244
Genre(s): YA, Fantasy, LGBT
Published: January 13, 2015
Format: E-Copy
Source: Author

For brother and sister, Ethan and Emma Drake, their world is about to get flipped upside down when they discover a malicious warlock is after their power and they are descended from a dark bloodline.

And not to mention their deceased father was the most wicked warlock to walk the earth.

While attempting to uncover their spine-chilling ancestry and keeping themselves alive at the same time, Ethan becomes tempted by the dark magic that lies within him...

Can Ethan and Emma figure out how to stop the warlock and save each other all at once? Join Ethan and Emma as they race against time to save their lives, their world, and fall in love in all the wrong places.

Not my cup of tea

Now, now settle down ladies, allow me to elaborate, yeah?

I've never been a huge fan of fantasy. I don't know how many times I'm going to stress this, but I really want you guys to understand that this is big for me ya know. Reading about all these . . . mystical creatures and such. I made a resolution this year, that I would start stepping out of my zone, and venturing into the uncharted land of castles, and 3 headed dragons, and male characters with wings . . . you know those types of things. So I was surprised that after reading the synopsis of Wicked, I was actually intrigued to read it. Go head and gasp . . . I know you want to.

Twin towers, I meant powers

Things take off pretty quickly from the very beginning of this book. It wasn't very hard to keep up, but it was a bit overwhelming when trying to piece together all the information that was given.

Tika's Dictionary Translation: So much tea being spilled, so little time to sip. 

Wicked takes us on an interesting ride as we meet our two main characters, Emma and Ethan. Twin brother and sister (obviously) are the spawns of a witch named Marina and the most feared and evil warlock in all of Elsmere, the infamous Nicholas Drake. With their dad being killed by a hellhound, (I pictured a huge dog with rabies) and their mother mysteriously murdered, the children were left in the care of their mother's close friend, Mason King. He vowed to raise both Emma and Ethan in the mortal world as " normal " kids, and also decided to leave them out of the loop regarding their dad and the powers they've inherited. But with dark magic running through their blood, it was only a matter of time before the twins discovered their ultimate potential.


Let me tell you right now, Wicked has alot going on. Like, a whole lot. From the very beginning we're discovering new secrets, and uncovering old ones, as we're thrown into the middle of the mortal, and magical world where vampires, warlocks, witches, and other creatures reside, better known as Elsmere. What I liked about the book, was that it was very fast paced, but this proved to be a bit of a problem for me as well. There were times where the plot would be accelerating at full throttle, and times where it would drag, almost like it was creeping up on you, before it took off again. 

Have you ever visited an amusement park, and the first ride you went on was incredibly fast? I'm talking snatch your wig off your head, make you have a asthma attack even when you don't have asthma, type of fast? Yeah? Okay well how about this . . .

Then have you ever got off that ride, and rode something a bit more slow? Like you're sitting next to a 5 year old, and in front of someone's grandparents type of slow? Well if you have experienced this, then you understand my feelings towards this plot, and if you haven't just . . . hush and imagine you did!

" I put a spell on you, & now your gone, gone, gone . . . so long! " 

You win so many cool points if you know where that's from!

Two of my favorite things about this book were the characters and how the author weaved so many magical elements into the story. We're introduced to a slew of people, which at times made it hard to keep up with everyone. But, there were two characters that not only bought some interest to this story, but some boy candy as well, and they are:

Logan Hardwicke and Adam Corwin.

Logan Hardwicke is the twin's new next door neighbor. He delivers a package that supposedly was accidently sent to his home, and immediately Ethan knows something is up with him. " He was cute, but he's not human, at least not fully. " They had little time to ponder about this revelation, because soon the siblings found themselves in serious need of help, and Logan is just about the only person who can lend a hand, until . . .

Dark warlock Adam Corwin steps on the scene with his beautiful self. He was confident, and had such a fiery personality, that I find myself eagerly awaiting his dialogue. " He's gorgeous - the guy's chin was square with a jaw-line that could chisel granite, and he had black tattoos teasing from beneath his sleeves. " Looks like Ethan and I have similar tastes. If you haven't already guessed, Ethan is gay, and soon takes a bit of a liking to Adam. I believe the feeling is mutual, being that they're dialogue has so much chemistry. These guys definitely mesh well together, making them so entertaining! Not to mention I adored their fighting scenes, especially when they kicked some vampire ass! Now Emma and Logan on the other hand . . . not so much. I'm not sure if this was intentional, but there is definitely some sort of division between these four characters. You see, on their 18th birthday, the twins will either remain good, or turn dark because of the magic they've inherited from their father. Like Logan, Emma has avoided taping into her dark magic, to avoid the change that could be made on her bday. Like Adam, Ethan taps into his dark magic a little more than he should, and will probably face the consequences of doing so in book 2.

That's a wrap!

Overall, the book was pretty enjoyable. I did stumbled across parts where I rolled my eyes, (mainly at Emma . . . well always at Emma actually) and times where the plot dragged and the dialogue became a bit choppy and confusing, but I still managed to finish. I jumped off my bed, yelling at Ethan towards the end, and that cliffhanger has left me feeling like Tainted, book 2, couldn't come fast enough. Who in the world is the mystery woman ?!

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