Andddd That's Ah Wrap! -- May Edition

I literally experienced the suckiest reading month I've had since I started blogging. Book hangovers, feeling lazy and slumpy, not liking a few of the books I read, May was a pretty " MEH " month for me.

7 Books Read.
2 AH-MAZING books + 1 I can't stop raving about x 1 disappointing read - 2 DNF's =  

Favorite Of The Month

I've been raving about this book ever since I finished it and I've assigned myself the personal mission to get everyone I know to pick it up. Seriously if you haven't read ACOTAR yet, please do. You won't be disappointed, and if you are well SCREW YOU OKAY!

The Reads I Absolutely Adored

(1) An African-American heroine.  (2) An interracial couple. (3) The dopest concepts I've ever read.
Read this now if you haven't.

The Rearranged Life | Annika Sharma
* Check Out My Review If You Missed It!*

The PERFECT new adult read. Excellent for newbies to the genre, or for us veterans who are searching for something different than what we've been receiving.

You Put The " It " In SHIT Reads

Getting Dirty | Mia Storm
* Check Out My DNF " New Adult Termination Letter " Here. *
This book was terrible. The end.

Bonita Avenue | Peter Buwalda
* You Can Find My Short DNF Review Over At Goodreads. *
I tried so hard to get into this story. I've been struggling to read past 20 pages since last year, and finally I've accepted defeat. Dee - In - Eff

  Anything Could Happen | Will Walton
*Click here for my review *

This book was SUCH a major let down for me. I had high expectations for this one, only to have them crushed by weird characters, and a boring story in general.

Hopefully June will be the month of NO DNF's, and better stories over-all.
crosses arms, pouts *

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