Borderline Blog Tour + Playlist -- Turn Up The Volume.

Borderline | Mishell Baker
Release Date: March. 1, 2016
Genre(s): New Adult, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Saga Press
Pages: 400
Source: Irish Banana Blog Tours
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

A year ago, Millie lost her legs and her filmmaking career in a failed suicide attempt. Just when she's sure the credits have rolled on her life story, she gets a second chance with the Arcadia Project: a secret organization that polices the traffic to and from a parallel reality filled with creatures straight out of myth and fairy tales.

For her first assignment, Millie is tasked with tracking down a missing movie star who also happens to be a nobleman of the Seelie Court. To find him, she'll have to smooth-talk Hollywood power players and uncover the surreal and sometimes terrifying truth behind the glamour of Tinseltown. But stronger forces than just her inner demons are sabotaging her progress, and if she fails to unravel the conspiracy behind the noble's disappearance, not only will she be out on the streets, but the shattering of a centuries-old peace could spark an all-out war between worlds.

No pressure.

I received a review copy courtesy of the author/publisher. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.


Mishell Baker's Kick Ass UF Playlist
because every urban fantasy title deserves a soundtrack like Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


Isn't that cover just amazing. (Yes the cover whore in me is drooling, get over it!) Anywho, to celebrate the release of Borderline, (March 1st) I'm showcasing five songs that Mishell (she spells her name so cool btw) believes fully captures the book, scenes, and characters. Feel free to add these jam worthy songs to your itunes, spotify, youtube watch later list . . you know whatever you use, so we can rock out together!

Oh, and stay tuned for my review. It may or may not be coming soon. Just kidding Hannah.  

Millie's Theme "Strong Enough" - Sheryl Crow

Residence Four: "God's Away on Business" - Tom Waits

Pacific Coast Highway: "Crazy" - Gnarls Barkley

Gotham Hall Interview: "#1 Crush" - Garbage 

Final Confrontation: "Don't Drink the Water" - Dave Matthews Band 

Last Scene: "Crazy" - Shawn Colvin

Is this cover screaming read me? Are these songs singing to your soul, making you want to pick this up? Well shit hello, this giveaway will give you a chance to win. Enter now!


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