The Heartbreakers ARC/DNF Review -- What Are We 12?

The Heartbreakers | Ali Novak
Release Date: August 4, 2015 | Sourcebooks Fire
Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 336
Edition: Kindle
Source: Publisher
Rating: DNF

"When I met Oliver Perry, I had no clue he was the lead singer for The Heartbreakers. And he had no idea that I was the only girl in the world who hated his music."

Stella will do anything for her sick sister, Cara—even stand in line for an autographed Heartbreakers CD...for four hours. She's totally winning best birthday gift this year. At least she met a cute boy with soft brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes while getting her caffeine fix. Too bad she'll never see him again.

Except, Stella's life has suddenly turned into a cheesy love song. Because Starbucks Boy is Oliver Perry – lead singer for the Heartbreakers. And even after she calls his music crap, Oliver still gives Stella his phone number. And whispers quotes from her favorite Disney movie in her ear. OMG, what is her life?

But how can Stella even think about being with Oliver — dating and laughing and pulling pranks with the band — when her sister could be dying of cancer?

I received a review copy courtesy of the author/publisher. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.

I might sound like a complete ass when I say this, (you guys know I don't care either way) but can someone -- ANYONE explain to me, how this book was able to achieve a 4.05 rating on goodreads? I know I can't be the only one, there has to be others out there that despised this book just as much as I did. I mean seriously, if you not only FINISHED this book but LOVED it, then I owe you scrambled eggs and bacon in the morning, because LAWD you must have some killer brain cells!

" YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE THIS STORY IT'S SO FREAKING CUTE! " Said quite a few people when I made an announcement on twitter that I'd be starting it soon. The statement wasn't a complete lie, more so a half truth, because the story was indeed cute . . .  in a adorably-annoying-little-sibling-that-I-lock-in-closets-to-keep from-dealing-with-them-sort-of-way.

I was a victim of this, just in case you're wondering. I had a very mean older brother lol.

The Heartbreakers is told in the perspective of our main character Stella. Surprisingly she's a triplet, allowing us to closely follow her other two siblings, Drew and Cara as well. I'm sure there was a strong aspect of family somewhere after 48%, but the beginning pained me so much while reading, that I eventually gave it the middle finger and threw in the towel. If I sound angry, it's because I am! I had very high expectations for this, especially because 1) I read it after What You Left Behind, so strong competition there, and 2) it dealt with a a popular topic in YA (cancer) and I was hoping for another emotionally driven read, again like WYLB. Instead the story was incredibly juvenile, unrealistic as hell, and the insta-love bs had me mentally gouging my eyes out

After I finished reading, I skimmed a few reviews and wasn't surprised to see that other readers had the same problem as I . . . Stella. Man oh man, I wanted to kick this girl down a flight of steps. In the first couple of chapters I really liked her! She was such a sweetheart, and I loved how hard she went for her sick sister. However, fast forward a couple of chapters, throw in a cute boy, and poor Cara seemed to be forgotten. The " boy band " didn't make it any better either. None of them had any REAL personality, were flat as a pancake when it came to having depth, and let's be honest, they were nothing but a bootleg version of One Direction. Rockstars my ass, rename the title " Behind The Scenes: The Lives Of One Direction -- A Documentary " and this would've made prefectttt sense.

*Sarcasm *

To make a long story short, The Heartbreakers just wasn't for me. The writing and characters were beyond immature, horribly reminding me of fanfiction. I struggled trying to connect with the characters, and what I did manage to receive from the plot just didn't inspire me to carry on. Maybe it'll work for a much younger audience, or readers that enjoy the whole cutesy, fluffy side of YA. Either way, I'm staying far, far away from boy bands & rockstar stories. BLEH. 

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