New Year, New Look!

So. fANGIRLconfessions is going under a re-design, for the third time this year! (I'm addicted to designing things sorry guys lmao) 

Okay correction, not a re-design, more like a re-tweak? Yea that. I'm just tweaking a few things. Well, alot of things actually.

When I first set up my blog, I was online looking for free templates. I didn't find any that I truly liked, but I did settle on some type of blue watercolor layout that I wasn't really feeling. I couldn't customize the template to my liking, and after growing completely frustrated, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

In comes the blog you see today. I opened up my favorite free editing program and I went to town. I created my blog's name first. I chose a "barbie" pink color for fANGIRL, but decided to leave confessions in black with a different font. I then couldn't think of what else I wanted to add to the header. It felt incomplete, and I wasn't exactly happy with having just "fangirl confessions" as my header image. So I started playing around with different things, and ended up making circles. Different sizes, different colors, I was having a ball (go figure lol) with my new image. 

I loved my outcome. I was so proud that I designed something myself, and decided that I would finish my blog by using the colors found in my header. I found a custom font that I thought was really cute for my blog posts, as well as another custom font for my tabs and sidebar headings. Then after that, I just started watching different tutorials, preforming various tweaks on my blog.

So, why change it? 

Well, my blog is exactly Me.

Yes my blog is cute, but I'm not even a " cutesy" type of girl. I'm still a tomboy, even though I have grown to love more "girly" things. Trust me, on a day where I'm just chilling, you'll still catch me in a tshirt, basketball shorts, and my favorite Jordans. I'll most likely have my hair in a bun, or another cute style, with some mix-match colorful socks. Nothing to extreme. (I only get cute when I have to go somewhere lol) 

If you come in my room, you'll most likely think, "oh this is nice! (thanks Ikea) but that's only because I re-decorated it to look more "sophisticated". Before my room looked like it belonged to a 12 year old boy. I've had the same spiderman blanket for about 5 years now, and I refuse to give it up lol. My PS3 is front and center on a shelf, surrounding by an endless collection of my favorite games. I've hidden most of my other boyish items in one of our closet downstairs, or just gave them away all together. But I'm sure you get the point I'm trying to make.

So with all this said, I want my blog to represent me in the best way possible. 

I hate pink! & purple! & bright colors!

and this is a challenge with finding a color scheme. My favorite color is actually red, but do you know how hard it is to find a scheme with RED ?!! I've teamed up with Blessie Mae from Mischievous Reads, to tackle this daunting task. Her photoshop skills will be used for my header, as well as my profile pic, review, and tab headings. (we didn't discuss that last part, but now you know Blessie! lol) She does such an amazing job with photoshop that I knew I had to ask her for assistance.

This will definitely be a hilarious experience. Blessie and I are on the same page with so many things, it's crazy how we click so well . . . BUT we are also different when it comes to some design aspects. Blessie is very clean cut and structured, which I love because her work always looks so professional. I on the other hand like a clean look, but for my header, I love messy lol. I like my words to go in different directions, to be overtop or under other elements of the design. I like swirly, and . . . look I just like things to be all over the place. I know plently of times she wanted to time me to fuck off. I can literally hear her saying:

If this bitch doesn't let me work lol.

Not to mention how I'm so anal about how certain things need to be. I'm so detail-oriented, (I was a interior designer in a past life lol) to the point things have to be nothing less of perfection. 

But I'm confident that we'll come up with something cool. I've come up with 3 elements I want to showcase in the header so we're fine tuning that at the moment. After the header is complete, I'll design the rest of the blog around it, and begin playing around with fonts and cleaning up my sidebar and such. I'm trying to step outside the box and to some different shit ya know? Hopefully I'll be done in a week, well less than that, being that I have alot of posts for this month.

So everyone stay tuned for my next look for fANGIRLconfessions. I promise it'll be just as cool as I am. Oh and she's also doing a re-design on her blog as well. We're in the process of sexing up her smutty blog, so be on the look out for that ! 

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