Girl Talk by Christie Young | First Thoughts Review

Hey guys! Welcome to my First Thoughts review of Girl Talk by Christie Young! This is by far one of the cutest freaking books I own in my collection, and I've included a few photos so you can see the illustrations and quirky font for yourself. Keep scrolling!

* I received this book from Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review. *

Girl Talk is what I consider to be a "Coffee Table" book. It's just too cute and fabulous to not be used as a design element throughout your home. What intrigued me the most about Girl Talk was the cover. The black back drop, with the whimsical illustrations, with that gold, UGH ! I just had to have it. I mean, gold makes everything look fancy.  So when my UPS man finally handed me my package, I will admit that I wasn't expecting what I actually received . . . It was even better than what I thought!

Here's the back cover! I don't know why I took a picture of it . . . I just thought it looked cool . . . moving on !

Okay so, It's actually a little difficult to summarize what this book is all about. So, because you guys know I ramble . . . ALOT, I'm going to sum this up as a life guide for us women. Yea, that sounds about right. Or maybe I should say . . . an Illustrated advice guide for women . . . Okay that's better lol. This book covers some pretty interested topics in a humorous and eccentric way.

* It gets dark around 5:00 now, so I had to depend on my lamp for lighting. Bare with me guys *

* The pictures are a little dark * 

Thinking about moving and want to see if the area you've chosen is the right choice? Use these quick tips to determine if you have indeed made a good decision. The Law & Order tip could probably come in handy. Just saying lol. 

I had to improvise again lol. Thanks Marilyn Monroe double shot glass, and Vase of fake flowers!

Anywho, in the above image is a funny guide to use when your are making the decision on whether you need, and how to find roommates. At the very bottom of the "Needing Roommates" page, I found myself laughing at the exercise " Should You Live Alone." It's purpose is to determine if you should:

A. Found someone to room with.
B. Fly Solo.
C. Be " Flexi". Which in so many words meant: " Do what you want, you're responsible." 

After answering the questions by following what I called the " line thingy", I came to the result that I should fly solo, especially after I had chosen the option to walk around my home naked. Okay so what if I like to feel free, don't judge me!

Going to a concert or festival and have no idea what to pack? Well the above illustration will assist you with just that! My purse looks similar to this when I'm going to shows and events, minus the marijuana and lighter lol. 
#TeamIDon'tSmoke * woot woot *

Girl Talk is divided into sections:

1. Talk Of The Town.
2. Body Talk.
3. Friends & Family (Shown In Image.)
4. Love Line.
5. Talk It Out.

All sections have this vibrant Marigold color for the pages, large script (handwriting) typography, with fun illustrations.

Pick Your Poison 
a.k.a Pick Your Next Bae! 

Do you want:

A. The Unemployed.
B. The Over-Employed.
C. The Artist.
D. The Mystery.

Choose wisely ladies!

My boyfriend and I laughed so hard when we got to this page. Idk if it was because it was late at night, which is when we tend to be the most goofiest, or if it was the fact that the illustrations caught us off guard, but we were literally cracking up for 10 minutes straight. 

Okay position A, top left hand corner. She just looks so . . . dead lol. I don't know . . . like she doesn't seem like she's enjoying herself like the other ladies. Why is her leg . . .  you know what nevermind lol. 

And look at the cat! 

Trevin: Why is the cat just chilling like nothing is going on behind him?
Me: No coherent answer because I'm choking on ginger ale. Which is the worst soda to choke on btw. 

This book seriously reminded me of conversations I have with my friends. I think what made this book so hilarious, was that most of what she elaborates on are things that actually happened in her real life. She's speaking from experience, not that any of the situations were absurd or anything, it was just cool to see someone else's perspective on things that us women go through on a daily basis, or not. 

I definitely encourage everyone to read Girl Talk. It's a cute, fun read, with illustrations that will have you giggling like a school girl. Oh and the pages feel good! Yes I rubbed the pages a couple of times! Isn't that what us book lovers do, rub and smell books ?! 

Whatever just read it. 


  1. Omg girl, this review is just so perfect! I love it!!! Definitely gonna read this book now! :)


  2. Awww thank you so much Carina! Definitely pick it up, and let me know what you think :)

  3. LMAOOOO! What are those sex positions? It's a weird version of the Karma Sutra, hahaha!

    This book looks really cute, though. I really enjoyed this post, Tika! :D

    1. Thank you Jules! Yes, they were sex positions lmao. They just look so weird, but the book was alot of fun and has me motivated to buy more non-fiction for my collection.

  4. This sounds like such a cute guide to the way we are supposed to be living life! I will have to check this one out now. And yes, that cover is amazing <3

    1. Please do! I encourage all of us modern ladies to pick this up. I definitely related to more than one situation mentioned in this book, so I'm sure others will as well.

  5. I'm so upset that this one isn't available for request now. I really wanted it, but I'd already requested Fiddler. Ughhhhhh.

    1. It's gone ?!!! I'm glad I requested it when I did, because it's such a pretty book. Maybe they'll bring it back, I know they do re-ups if the book has alot of good reviews.

  6. This book sounds HILARIOUS! And it's so pretty! Congrats on getting a review copy, I'm so jelly!

    1. Thank you! Oh my gosh it was, there were so many situations I kind of related to. I think that's what made it even more hilarious. Not too mention those weird sex positions lol.

  7. The sex positions were sooo unexpected, I spilled juice everywhere omg

    And the cover is sooooo pretty too! :D

    1. Girl I'm almost died choking on my ginger ale, I wasn't expecting it either lmao