September Wrap Up !


September was such an overwhelming month. 
Today marks my 2nd month of blogging! I've come such a long way since July, and I've learned quite a few things in this short period of time. 
 "You do not have to accept every review copy from an author or publisher." would be one of them.
This month I found myself up to my ears in review copies. Every time I turned around, I was a getting a request for this book, then that book. I was so honored and of course excited that these authors were considering my blog, that I was slowly but shortly saying "Yes of course" to almost everything. Well, not everything. Just the ones that I thought would be a good fit for my blog, but even that was alot.
I decided that October would be a much better month for reading for me. I plan on scheduling posts, and I even made up a little " reading system " where I will be able to equally read review and non-review copies.
Anywho, I read a total of 4 books this month, 3 review copies, and a book I wanted to read for leisure. Let's start with the books I had to review.

The Endangered | S.L Eaves

3.8 stars

This book was an incredibly fast read with more than enough action to keep you entertained.
Miss the review? * click me , click me *

Innocent Assassins | Pema Donyo

4 stars

 A book about trained assassins. I mean, need I say more?
Here's the review just in case you missed it!

Adrian Lessons | L.A Rose

Missed this review too? Here ya go. 

4 stars
 If you're looking for an absolutely hilarious read with lovable characters, and steamy sex scenes, then I will definitely pick this up. 

Ugly Love | Colleen Hoover

Check the review out here!

5 stars

If you want a painful and intense read that feels as if someone ripped your heart out and fed it to a pack of wolves, then this is for you. 

Welp readers that wraps up my wrap up lol. I hope to have a better reading month this October, so we'll see how well I can keep a handle on those review copies. Use the comment section down below to tell me about the books you've read in September. Or better yet, link me to your blog post so I can check it out and leave a comment as well. 
Talk to you guys later!


  1. lol I love your review of Ugly Love. I know that feeling so well.. when you feel like someone ripped your heart out fed it to a pack of wolves (giggle) Most of Nicolas Sparks books do that to me. It's almost like a love/hate relationship with them! Great wrap-up.. and good advice. You definitely cannot accept ever ARC request you get! (:
    Morrighan @

    1. Thank you! That book literally broke me to pieces. I'm the same way with his work as well, I can't wait to read his book The Best of Me. I haven't read it yet and the movie is coming out, so I seriously need to hurry up! lol. Hopefully I take my own advice this time around, It's just so hard to turn down books especially when they seem so good!