I've been nominated!

Ooooohhh isn't it just purrtttyyyyyyy!
First and foremost, (this sounds like the beginning of a Grammy speech right?) I want to give a special thanks and big shoutout to Erin, Jenniee, Blessie  and Talina for the nominations!
Stay tuned after the break to read my Q&A, and find out what new awesome bloggers I'm nominating.

1.) Why did you decide to start blogging?

It's kinda funny because my mom has been trying to get me to start blogging for literally years! I've always been an avid reader and I enjoy writing, but it wasn't until an author came to me after she requested that I read and review her novel for her. She was so impressed with my writing that she suggested I start a blog to become a professional book reviewer. I had already used goodreads as a platform to post some reviews of books I've read in the past, so I thought, why not? A couple of days later fANGIRLavue was launched!

2.) Are there any books set in your hometown? If so which one(s)?

I'm from Washington DC, and I haven't read a book that's set in my hometown just yet. However, a couple of months ago while on a little shopping trip with my mother, I bought a book from a thrift store called River Across My Heart by Breena Clarke. It's still on my TBR shelf at the moment, but the author is originally from DC as well as the setting!

3.) Who are some of your auto-buy authors?

Patrick Ness and Rainbow Rowell hands down!

4.) What is your favorite series?

The Chaos Walking Trilogy! Ugh the feeeellsssss and my god the writing is so original and beautiful. If you haven't read The Knife of Letting Go, The Ask and The Answer, and Monsters of Men, go pick them up . . . like now !

5.) Do you like Fantasy or Dystopia better? Why?

Mmmm, this is a tough question. Lately I've been reading more Fantasy than usual, and I'm impressed by how different the stories have been. I feel sometimes with Dystopian novels, they can become a bit repetitive, (same plots or concepts) so at this moment I'll have to go with Fantasy.

6.) Have you ever written a book?

Lol yes! Back in middle school I started writing a short story. After reading what I had so far, my friends wanted to collaborate. So during class when we should have been doing work, we passed the story back and forth, each adding our own chapters. We were so excited about it that we went to the library and printed out copies for everyone we knew, (I spent alot of lunch money that week) putting them on bulletin boards, lockers, in the pamphlets found in the guidance office, you name it. A couple of years later as a junior in high school, I ended up finding one of the copies of the story in a old notebook. Let's just say the story was horrible! I can't remember the title but there was so much sex, drugs, and violence, things we had no clue about in those days. I can laugh about it now, but if my mom ever came across that story when I first wrote it, I definitely would have been dead! Lmao

7.) What are some of your favorite book blogs? 

Where do I even begin! I enjoy Yuri at Bookswept, Emily at Books & Cleverness, and Katie at Katie's Book Blog,  just to name a few. 

8.) What is your favorite book you have to read for school?

Well I don't have to read any books for school, but when I was in middle school I remember reading The Color Purple and To Kill a Mockingbird and loved them!

9.) What are you currently reading?

I received Only the Good Die Young from the publisher in exchange for an review, and I must say I am enjoying it so far. Follow me on twitter and goodreads to keep up with my updates. 

10.) Are there any books that you just know you won't read even though everyone tells you that they're great? 

Yes! The Vampire Academy series. I just can't bring myself to read them. I don't know if it's because there's a thousand and one books in the series, or if I'm just not interested in what the books are actually about at this moment. Maybe one day . . . or not.

11.) What is your favorite thing about the book blog community? Why?

I think my favorite thing about this community is that everyone is so welcoming and friendly! I've been blogging for a little over a month, and I've received amazing feedback so far! I'm definitely excited about connecting with other readers. The decision to become a professional book blogger/reviewer is my best one yet!


To keep from answering the same questions, I've decided to answer the ones that are different. For example, the question " Why do you decide to start blogging?" is asked multiple times, so that I'm not repeating myself, I'll just move on to a different question. (I hope that is okay with everyone)

1.) What film(s) do you love that has been adapted from books?

Well the Harry Potter movies of course! They'll forever be my all time favorites. I know people are probably going to laugh at me for this, but I like the Twilight films. Twilight and Breaking Dawn are my favorites from the movie series. Mmm and next the Lovely Bones. I still can't watch it without crying! I have more favorites but I haven't read the books so in my eyes they don't really count.

2.) What are your favorite books so far this year?

This is definitely an easy one. Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma and Night Film by Marisha Pessl. 

3.) If you were ship wrecked on an island, what book series would you want with you?

The Throne of Glass series. I've only read the first book so far, and I really enjoyed it, so I think it would be a good series to dive into. Especially if I want to take my mind off the unfortunate situation of being ship wrecked lol.

4.) Any book turn offs?

INSTA LOVE, INSTA LOVE, INSTA LOVE, INSTA LOVE! I can't stand it! This is by far my biggest pet peeves as far as books are concerned. It's such a deal breaker for me, that I've actually put down books because I can't get over that aspect. For example. Will and Layken's relationship in Slammed by Colleen Hoover. Everyone rants and raves about this book but I can't get over how they're friendship was moving so fast. I mean it was like day two of being in her new home and she was already crushing on him. Uhhh . . . yea . . . no.  Another book turn off for me is probably when an author has written a decent book but the characters aren't engaging. It's really hard for me to enjoy the story if I have no interest or feelings towards any of the characters. 

5.) What do you read while blogging/reading?

I don't eat while I'm reading because I don't want to mess up my precious pages, but when I'm blogging I steal some of my son's snacks, (he has allll the good snacks in the house) to nibble on while I'm typing. I'm actually crushing a handful of Teddy Grahams (Grammies as we call them) as we speak. 

6.) If you lived in a book, which novel would you choose?

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline! I loveeee video games so this would be an amazing world to live in. When you want a quick break from reality, just sign into Oasis and kick some virtual ass. Or you could just chill in a hangout with some virtual friends lol. Either way, it would be cool to witness something like this.

7.) Book pet hates?

I think this might be the same as book turn offs so again Insta Love. Show me a book with insta love that I would enjoy and I'll give you $1. Don't all respond at once! Lol. 

8.) Do you read books more than once?

Not really. I'm just one of those people where I don't like to know whats going to happen when I read a book. If I re-read it, then I'll already know everything. Even if I loved the book, I'll probably become uninterested in finishing it. The same goes for movies. I have to absolutely adore a movie for me to re-watch it. 

1.) First book you've ever read of your favorite genre.

This is a super hard question because I've been reading since childhood. My favorite genre is Contemporary and I remember reading alot of Sarah Dessen books when I was younger. This Lullaby is my favorite. I have no clue what the first book I read was though lol. 

2.) If you were given the chance to meet any character from a fictional book, who would it be and why?

Again such a hard question! (Dammit Blessie Lol) Mmmm, first of all I would love to meet Maya from Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma so I can give her a big hug, because lord does she need it. I also want to meet the assassin from The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson because he was just, mmmm I need him in my life! (and don't judge me because I clearly forgot his name lol. I blame the amount of books I've been reading lately.) Tobias (Four) from Divergent, EVERY CHARACTER from Winger by Andrew Smith, especially Joey! Ugh there's just so many people, how about I just leave this list as is. Sounds good? Lol 

3.) Most Anticipated book of 2015.

The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson, second book in the Remnant Chronicles! I just can't wait to be re-united with my assassin boo even though I forgot his name. He understands though. :)

4.) If you were to stay in a place where you can only bring 5 books to read, which would you bring?

I'm going to bring books that I haven't read but am dying to,

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson, S by J.J Abrams & Doug Dorst, The House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh, and The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson. Oh and Landline by Rainbow Rowell. Yes I threw an extra author in there, it is Rainbow Rowell we're talking about here.

5.) How many books do you personally own?

I have no fucking clue. Lol too many , well you can never have too many books, but you get the point.

6.) If you could have any supernatural ability to use forever what would it be and why?

The ability to transport! I want to travel more so this would be such a great power to have. Ohhh I want to go shopping in Paris. Bow! I'm there with a snap of a finger lol. I would say time travel, but I'm a little nervous about traveling back in time, especially during times of war and slavery. 

7.) What's your take on books turned into movies? Like or dislike?

I actually like book adaptations when they're done well. Nothing is more irritating than watching a movie that didn't do the book any justice. 

8.) Five facts about yourself:

I'm 25 but I look and sound like I'm 15 lmao.
I'm the mother of a two year old boy.
My favorite food is sushi, spicy tuna roll to be specific just in case anybody wants to treat me! Lol
I love video games! My favorite game is Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots. I haven't played MGS 5 Ground Zero yet, so I'm pretty sure that will change once I do. 
I'm secretly married to August Alsina. I signed a paper saying I wouldn't speak on it, so don't tell him I spilled the beans! Lol

9.) Whats up next on your TBR list?

Well I have alot of books to read and review for some authors and publishers, but once I'm done, the book that I'll be diving straight into is Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (which I'll be hosting a read-along for. If you want to join let me know!)

1.) What do you like most about blogging?

I think what I like the most is the ability to connect with people who share the same passion as I. In the real world, NONE of my friends like to read, so I have no-one I can rant and rave to when I read an amazing book, or one that I disliked. I also like that I'm writing alot more. Writing used to be one of my favorite past times next to reading, but I sort of fell off with my craft, so I'm glad I have an outlet that allows me to put my skills to use. 

2.) Where is your favorite place to read?

My bed! I just love curling up in my Spiderman blanket with a good book. Yes I'm 25 and still obsessed with Spiderman, dont judge me! Lol

3.) What is your favorite book series?

It isn't a series, but it's The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness. The feels you will receive from those books are UNREAL. Ugh.

4.) Do you have any books that you disliked or hated?

Yes! Fifty Shades of Grey, the entire trilogy even though I didn't read the third book. The entire Crossfire series by Sylvia Day, again even though I didn't read the third book lol, I didn't like the Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky too much even though everyone else seems to love it. I actually put it down around 70 or so pages, and haven't picked it up back up yet. Don't know if I even will. I'm sure I have more, but I can't remember them at this moment lol. (Says alot right?)

5.) What is your favorite tv show/movie?

God this is hard! I watch some many different shows and have so many favorites. Okay, my all time favorite show will forever be Scandal. My friends actually call me Olivia because I'm always giving advice, (hince my major lol), and fixing everyone's problems. Well trying to atleast. Stressful job I must say lol. I also watch endless re-runs of Laguna Beach because that was the best show ever, (Like WHO DIDN"T LOVE LAGUNA BEACH ?!) I also enjoy Bates Motel, and I watch alot of different reality tv. Especially Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when I'm feeling a little ratchet. Which is often lol. 

6.) How many books do you own? Physically and E-book?

I honestly have no clue! My book collection is in a bit of distress right now lol. During my move to my new home, alot of my books were left behind. I was so sad because there were books that I've owned since childhood, and I had plans to pass them down to my son. So now I'm in the process of re-building my book collection, and I'm actually excited about it. My collection will be a bit more sophisticated than the last, since I have new tastes in genres, but I still will miss the nostalgic factor from my previous books. Oh, and I have a ton of books on my nook. I have no idea why I never bothered to check and see how many I have downloaded to my e-reader. Maybe I should get on that. 

7.) What is/was your favorite subject in school?

English and Dance were my favorite subjects. Is dance even considered a subject? lol

8.) Who is your favorite author?

Patrick Ness! Me Love Him :)

9.) If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring with you?

Soap! No-one likes a smelly Va-Ja-Jay lol. Water/food if I can, so that I can stay hydrated and full so I won't die of hunger, and of course a couple of good books so I can try and distract myself from freaking out that I'm stranded. You know what, I would also bring my Spiderman blanket too. I go nowhere without my Spidey blanket so technically this wouldn't count as 4 things lol. 

10.) Who is your favorite actor/actress ?

Easy Peasy, Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. Oh and I love me some Chloe Grace Moretz. I have wayyy too many favorite actors, but Leonardo Dicaprio is one of them. 

11.) If you could date any fictional character in a book who would it be?

Blessie asked me a similar question but I still can't remember his name, but the assassin from The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. He just does something to me. lol

So there you have it people, my Q&A for the Liebster Awards! Next I will list the 11 bloggers (or less) that I wish to nominate along with the questions they must answer.

Bloggers I nominate! 

1.) Blessie - Mischievous Reads.
2.) My boo Jen -  A Bookworm Called Jenniee.
3.) My boo Mal - Mallory Books. 
4.) Lauren - A Blonde Librarian.
5.) Arya - Arya The Fangirl
6.) Erin - Hardcover Lover.
7.) Jess & Kell - A Cup of Tea and A Big Book.
8.) Morrighan Rose - Elysian Fields Book Reviews.
9.) Talina - Sassy And Dangerous.

I tried to think of more people and couldn't! My apologies if I missed anyone.

Questionnaire for nominated bloggers: 

What do you like the most about being a book blogger?

What book has been your hardest to review. Why?

5 facts about you. (non-book related)

What was your favorite book(s) growing up?

What is your favorite trilogy? (not series)

If you were living in a Dystopian world where as a team, you had to overthrow the government or society, 
what 4 other fictional characters would you choose to assist you?

If you could re-write any book, what would it be? Why?

Have a book boyfriend or girlfriend? Spill the tea on who they are.

What is your all time favorite book? (just one, I wanted to make it a bit difficult lol)

Do you have any other hobbies besides reading and blogging?

Even though it's a bit early for a top 10 list of your favorite books for 2014, what 3 books are you 100% certain will make it on the list this year.

Hate is a strong word, but what book(s) do you absolutely despise? 

Thanks again to Jen, Erin, Blessie and Talina for nominating me for this award, I definitely appreciate the love and hope we continue to connect with one another!


  1. Thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebester Award. I have it scheduled to be posted on Thursday.

    1. You're Welcome, I look forward to seeing your answers!

  2. Ohmygoodness, your questions were really hard. Haha! Thanks again for the nomination. Here are my answers. :)


    1. You're welcome Blessie! I wanted to set them apart from everyone else's, glad I succeeded! Lol

  3. Thank you for the nomination! I answered your questions as well (:

    1. You're Welcome Morrighan, I'm on my way over to check out everyone's answers now!

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  5. This was so much fun to readddddd. :D Thank you for the nom! I will have the answers up asapp