Who that , Who that . . .

Reading . Writing . Eating .

Yup that pretty much sums up my life. 

Hello readers, my name is Martika.
Tika is preferred thank you.
I'm a mother and student with a passion for all things literature. Want to know more about me? Click the button below to read more!


I've been an avid reader since a small child. My mother read to my brother and I throughout our childhood, and thankfully it continued well into my adulthood. When I was younger, I remember my first "dream job" was to be a journalist, which stemmed my hobby of writing. I use to write novels, short stories, poetry, and kept many journals. But unlike reading, the fire I obtained for writing sizzled, (just a little) once I reached a certain age.

But don't you fret readers, this is why I'm here.

For the past couple of years, I've been debating about becoming a book blogger and tuber. It wasn't until recently that I made up my stubborn mind actually. With the encouragement from my dear mother, a group of friends, and a final push from an author I reviewed a book for, my blog is finally up and running.

I hope to bring a fresh take on book blogging by not just posting about books. I love food, so why not blog about the meal I made for dinner? I love interior design as well. Why not post some DIY ideas I've been interested in lately?

Here is our chance to come together with a passion we all share . . . books. We have the opportunity to connect with other readers, authors, and even publishers. We have the opportunity to meet people from across the world, to maybe have the chance to make lasting friendships, possibly even more. Who would past up on that? Not I.

Until next time,

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