Griffin Teen Gets A New Look!

So, with the new school year coming, everyone is looking to re-invent themselves with a total " New Year New Me " type of thing, you know the whole, " I'm such and such and I'm here to shut things down! " situation?

* crickets *


Oh come on, you guys know what I mean! Anywho, I'm pretty darn excited to share that one of my favorite publishing houses wanted in on that makeover too, and has presented us with a 2.0 of their own!

Notice anything different about the Griffin Teen website? Well if you need to take a trip to the eye doctor, or crank up the prescription on your glasses, then I'll let in you on the secret . . . 

* drum roll please *


* Throws Confetti *

I am here ladies and gentlemen, to get you excited about the re-launch of Griffin Teen, which is going down . . . TODAY! In celebration of this event, and to thank all of us readers for the constant support, the wonderful team at GT will also be showcasing their new feature:


Griffin Teen Griffin Ten, is their very own giveaway feature! You'd simply go to the website, find the GTGT link, and fill out the form to win!

Simple, simple people.
Above, (scroll up just a little don't be lazy lol) I've showcased all ten books that you'd have a chance of winning this month! Each participate has a 1 of 10 chances to win:

Dream Things True
All The Rage
Romancing The Dark In The City Of Light
Ice Kissed
Crystal Kingdom
The Lost Girl

So what are you waiting for? Check out the new site, sign up for the newsletter to receive information about authors, events, and upcoming releases from Griffin Teen, and enter to win one of these exciting titles!

Oh and help spread the word of course!

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