Soundtrack Saturday (1)

First of all, I want to take the time to thank Erin over at the Hardcover Lover for making this wonderful thumbnail for me. She know's my obsession with images, especially ones that match my blog, and she took it upon herself to make some for me, to use for memes and other posts. Thank you so much girl, I love them!

Now back to why you're here.

Erin has this cool meme that I've been trying to participate in since it was created, but I always failed horribly. Either I forgot to do the post, or I felt like the songs I found didn't exactly mesh well with the story I was reading. So instead of using Youtube, I turned to my righthand man Spotify, and found some amazing tracks to showcase for this meme. Let's jump right in.

 Filthy Serial by Megan. D. Martin.

I wanted to have a playlist where even if you haven't read the book, you could still get a pretty good idea of what the story is about. If you've took the time to listen to a few tracks you would gather that this book is pretty dark. All of the songs cover heavy topics such as forbidden love and abuse, which sums up the Filthy books to a T. Just in case you want a little more detail to what Filthy is all about, I've linked my mini reviews to these stories here. Enjoy guys!

* Update *
So Spotify allows you to embed songs, albums, and playlists to blogs, websites, etc. But if you noticed, clicking play on the tracks would actually send you to spotify's web player, instead of just playing the song via your post or site. It's quite annoying but hey, atleast it works lol. Sorry for the inconvenience !