I Pledge, Do You?

Thanks to Jessy Poo over at A Cup of Tea & A Big Book, I was able to find out about "Bloggers Commenting Back." (what is with me & giving people nicknames?) This group consists of bloggers who vow to go out of their way to respond to all comments on their blogs, as well as others. Jess and I were just talking about conversating with more book bloggers and she stumbles across this! Thanks girl! Lucky for me, this is something I already partake in. I love to chat, so when people comment on my blog, I make sure to always follow up. Nine times out of ten, when you comment on my blog but I haven't come across your just yet, I always go, read a few posts, follow, and comment on the ones that interest me the most. I'm glad someone has come up with another great idea to get us bloggers connecting. Here's Alise's blog post if you want to get more information on what the group is all about, and instructions on how to add your blog to the list. Hope to see you guys there!
I pledge, do you?