#CYOT (Confession Time) | Meme Created by Yours Truly . Me :D

So earlier today I was feeling creative and a bit festive after all the fun I had while participating in the Liebster Awards, that I decided to create my very own meme (or tag, whatever you want to call it) here at fANGIRLconfessions. So Ta Daaaaa ! Stay tuned after the jump break to read more of what #CYOT actually is, and the details of how to participate!
 (For those that keep asking me why I say read more, or stay tuned, I have a jump break I created to shorten my posts that says "continue reading". I don't think it's shows on bloglovin, so that's probably where the confusion comes in. Sorry!)

Choose Your Own Topic will be better known as " Confession Time." I was inspired to create this meme after I realized how much I was learning about other bloggers from the 11 questions that were being asked and answered from the Liebster Awards. I was quite impressed by most of the answers and how they gave me a little "peak" into the lives of my fellow bloggers. It was such an enjoyable experience that I remember saying, "I have to think of something this great," and well . . . here we are.

 After reading some nominee posts for the Liebster Awards, I noticed that 95% of the bloggers had atleast 5 things in common with myself. Whether it was the fact that we were mothers, or liked video games, or enjoyed decorating, there was still SOMETHING common about our lives that we shared, and that made me want get to know them even more. Confession Time will help with this.

Use this meme any day of the week, multiple times during the week, a couple of times a month, once a year, it's literally all up to you . . . and so are the topics! Even though we are book bloggers and we are here to blog about books, it doesn't have to be that way. I want to get to know you guys, your interests, other hobbies, your likes/dislikes. So find a topic and post about it! It can be whatever you want. Just came home from vacation? Let's chat about it? Having a rough time in school and need some advice? Let's chat about that too. (I'm not a Psychology major for nothing lol) 

Here's how you participate:

  1. Create Your Title (Duh Tika) and use Confession Time or #CYOT (Your Choice) along with whatever your topic is. 
  2. You can use the thumbnail I created, or make your own. Just be sure to credit my blog of course!
  3. Link me in your post. Name, blog, It doesn't matter.
  4. Link your blog post in my comments so that I can read what you shared ! Even notify other bloggers if you want to get a discussion started.
  5. Have fun! Remember this is just a way for everyone to talk more and get to know one another. If there are things you don't want us to know, that's okay! We all have our secrets ;)

My goal for Confession Time or #CYOT, is to get people chatting, connecting, talking, networking, whatever you want to call it! So stay tuned for my first Confession Time post coming up next! 

(Literally in 2.5 seconds lol)