TCH Episode 2: Has The fANGIRL Warrior Been Defeated?

The blow comes out of nowhere catching me by surprise. I fly through the air like a torpedo, so fast that when I finally do hit the concrete, I'm slicing through debris and rubble as if I'm cutting melted butter. My side hits an abandoned squad car, surely crushing a few ribs, but before I could even register the pain, a boulder comes up, shadowing the sun from my eyes. I blink, confused at first before realization dawns on me. YoungAdultus Prime is standing before me, a joker's grin itched into his steel face. 

My cracked ribs render me pretty much defenseless, but it doesn't matter, shit face wants me dead, and he won't stop until it's done. I muster all strength I can to lift myself into a fighting stance. Coughing as dirt and dust fill my lungs, I whip out my wand, my secret weapon Young Adultus knows nothing about. Panic crosses his face before he hides it with his signature sneer. He then floats in the air, gearing up to attack from above, but I've anticipated his moves. He's fast, but very predictable. I got this. As soon as he lifts the boulder to toss it at me with incredible force, I shout a spell I learned from my ex-husband Harry Potter . . . 


The spell hits him full force causing him to plummet back to the ground at an incredible speed. His body finally meets the pavement, sending dirt and rocks soaring in every direction as if he performed a cannonball. I walk towards him slowly making sure he makes no sudden moves. Looking down at his battered frame, I know instantly that he's no longer alive. I smile and an evil cackle rattles my bones. Squatting down, I tap my wand on his forehead and whisper. 

" I'm Tika the fANGIRL Warrior, and I'll never go down without a fight. "

I'm 100% sure that the title and the short story I gave you guys is a clear indication of what this post will be about, so to cut straight to the chase . . . YOUNG ADULT IS KICKING MY ASS! Seriously guys, it'll be a year on the 31st that I've been blogging, and I've NEVER, EVER have stumbled into a slump like the one I'm in now. The thing is, it didn't start off as a slump. I remember around May, I found myself struggling to keep up with all my arcs and things became so overwhelming, that I just didn't know which way was up. I was barely reading for leisure, which is actually an issue I'm still having today. In June I figured it would be a better month for me, however, towards the end of June early July, I started to notice that NOTHING I read warranted over 3 stars from me.

As of today, I have read 10 books in a row that were either DNF's or below 3 stars, and all of them are from the Young Adult genre. Of course I want to switch my reading up, try some titles that I've been wanting to read for a while, or indulge in genres I don't normally choose, BUT the problem is . . .


I have tooo many to read, and just when I think I can curl up with a random book, here comes an advanced copy stopping me in my tracks. Now don't get me wrong, I love my arcs, however, for those bloggers that get them on a regular basis like I, then you KNOW how stressful they can become. At this point in my blogging career, I feel as though I'm talking about more upcoming releases than I am about backlisted titles, and I definitely don't want that to be the case. I feel that with so many review copies, it makes it so difficult to read for leisure! The last book I read just because I wanted to was Uprooted by Naomi Novik (which I was LOVING btw) and I had to put it down because . . . you guessed it . . . arcs.

So now that you know my situation, just please bare with me guys. I've been getting tweets and dm's about how some of you miss my reviews, and trust me, I definitely miss sharing my thoughts with all my readers. Being in this slump or whatever it is, causes me to be extremely lazy, and I find it hard to be motivated about doing anything blog related. So this week I want to muster up as much creative juice that I can. I'll be digging deep inside my brain to come up with some posts to get myself back into the swing of things, but in the meantime, I'd love your feedback!

& yes I brought back my good ole' pal " Pollie "!

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